Seattle’s Draft Comprehensive Plan

The Seattle 2035 Draft Plan comment period closed on November 20. Thank you to all of you who submitted comments on the Seattle 2035 Draft Plan. Here’s a sample of what we’ve heard so far:

  • “Growth needs to include amenities for people of all ages & abilities.”
  • “A vibrant city needs people of all backgrounds and means to live and work there.”
  • “Focus on equity, public safety and public health.”

What’s next for Seattle 2035?

Now that the comment period has closed, we’ll begin informing the Mayor’s Recommended Plan. Here’s what happens next:

Early 2016 – Mayor’s Recommended Plan, Final Environmental Impact Statement, and Final Equity Analysis released
Mid-2016 – City Council review begins
Mid-2016 – Public hearing
Late 2016 – City Council expected to adopt Plan

There will continue to be opportunities for public involvement throughout 2016, including outreach activities around urban village boundaries and proposed zoning changes – stay tuned for more information.


The recent building boom is a reminder that Seattle is an attractive and growing place. Continued growth will present challenges about how the City can ensure that everyone in the city will have a chance to prosper.  This Plan provides long-term guidance that will help the City make decisions about managing growth over the next 20 years and providing services to make the growth for all of the city.  Since the Plan was first adopted in 1994, it has embraced the concept of sustainable growth, meaning that the City would accommodate additional people and businesses, while also aiming to maintain and enhance resources for future generations.

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