Seattle’s Draft Comprehensive Plan

Seattle is at the center of a dynamic and growing region. Over the next 20 years, Seattle expects to welcome a significant share of the region’s growth. Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan contains goals and policies to guide future growth and decisions in a manner that reflects the City’s core values and enhances the quality of life for all. The Draft Plan is an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of these directions and determine if they make sense for Seattle over the coming twenty years. Over the last year, people have suggested big changes in some directions of planning for our city.

Now that the Seattle 2035 Draft Plan comment period is closed, we are informing the Mayor’s Recommended Plan. We anticipate the Mayor’s Recommended Plan in early 2016, followed by Council review and a public hearing in mid-2016. There will continue to be opportunities for public involvement throughout 2016, including outreach activities around urban village boundaries and proposed zoning changes – stay tuned for more information.

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