Seattle 2035: Your City, Your FutureWhat is Seattle 2035?

Seattle 2035 is a yearlong, citywide conversation about change – where we’ve been, where we are now and where we want to go over the next 20 years.

Why Do We Have a Comprehensive Plan?

Seattle is growing and changing. By 2035, Seattle will gain thousands of new people and jobs, and become more diverse than ever before. How Seattle grows over the next 20 years will have a lasting effect on the environment, quality of life, and economy. Our Comprehensive Plan will guide how we grow, and covers things like housing, land use, transportation, environment, utilities, capital facilities, parks, and neighborhoods.

In 1994, Seattle’s first Comprehensive Plan (Plan) was approved. The 1994 Plan was based around an Urban Village strategy. The Urban Village strategy designated certain neighborhoods as Urban Centers or Urban Villages and encouraged the development of new housing, jobs, and transit options within these centers. Over the past 20 years, about 75 percent of new housing and jobs have located in urban villages or urban centers, consistent with the Plan.

As Seattle continues to grow and change, the Plan is our guide to achieving a future we want. If we plan well, we can build a safe, vibrant, affordable, interconnected and innovative city for all.

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