Seattle 2035: Your City, Your FutureWhat is Seattle 2035?

We are in the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan.  State law requires that we conduct a major review and update every ten years, and our deadline for adopting changes is June 30, 2015. We are compiling a set of amendments to the Comprehensive Plan for City Council to consider and vote on by that deadline.

Seattle 2035 is the name we have given to the Department of Planning and Development’s multi-year project that is looking at the growth pattern in the Comprehensive Plan, as well as at the ways we deliver various City services. In late spring of 2015, we will release a draft environmental impact statement that describes the effects of different ways growth could be distributed across the city, which will help inform further decisions about the Plan. We expect that the Seattle 2035 project will result in further amendments to the Comp Plan that City Council will consider in 2016.

If you want to see something happen in Seattle over the next 20 years, get involved. Come to a meeting, write us an email or letter, or just write a comment on this website. This is the future of your city, be a part of shaping it.

Why Do We Have a Comprehensive Plan?

Seattle is growing and changing everyday. How Seattle grows creates a lasting effect on the environment, quality of life, and economy. Should we encourage suburban sprawl? A tall, hyper dense downtown? Or something in between?

In 1994, Seattle’s first Comprehensive Plan was passed with the idea of creating Urban Villages. This strategy designated certain neighborhoods as Urban Centers or Urban Villages and encouraged new housing, jobs, and transit towards these centers. Our goal was to make neighborhoods where people could easily walk, bike, or ride transit to get to work, go out to eat, or buy groceries. By concentrating growth in this way we also were able to more efficiently provide services and proactively plan for the future.

The Seattle 2035 update will look at current growth projections and present different scenarios to the public on how we can adapt the Urban Villages strategy to leverage growth to the benefit of the city. We will be looking at things like where Seattleites live, where we work, how we get around the city, do we have enough public services, are there equal opportunities for every community, and how to protect our environment.

Growth and change are happening in Seattle. The Comprehensive Plan will leverage that growth to benefit the city as a whole and ensure Seattle remains a healthy, vibrant city.